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    Program photos to drum roll beat


      Hi everyone,


      At the very last moment I have been asked to program photos to very drum roll beats for a projection at a major fashion show. Love that!


      Can anyone tell this stressed out maniac (me) how I can easily sync hundreds of photos to about 40secs of snare hits and snare rolls. Its impossible to do this manually for two reasons. One, there is not enough time left. Two, the drum rolls are fast - hence manually trimming clips will not be precise.


      I hope I can get AE to program keyframes to the snare rolls, which can then randomly or non-randomly play different photos/layers.


      Can anyone help me urgently?



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Not really. We could point you to all sorts of "animating to audio" tutorials and scripts, but they still take time like specifically tweaking the audio to get usable thresholds and familiarize you with how the scripts and expressions work. In that context, "easily" is a word that has no meaning. That being the case, you might have better luck just faking it using plug-ins like Trapcode Form and the built-in audio reactors to create swarms and arrays of randomly sampled images in a pre-comp. The exactitude of the audio timing is very likely a moot point, anyway. As I wrote in another post two weeks ago, most people will not be able to discern the finer points of audio and at the same time, animating every beat can end up in a flickering, massively annoying mess. so rather than look for last minute solutions that do not exist, adapt your strategy.



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            squidkings Level 1

            I'll echo Mylenium's idea no one will discern images cut to beat. However they will notice if the pace of the beats speeds up or slows and the pics dont follow. This is how I would do it quickly: Measure the spacing of the beats and find the average of 3 or 4 sections. You'll need to assemble final video from 3 or 4 comps. On each comp set still frame import (in preferences) to length of the section you'll want a selection of images to semi-match. Change the still frame import to the next beat length and import into another comp. I'm using CS 6 it has automatic slide show import with transitions in the animation menu I believe. This will work well if you can match the changes to the drum roll changes. Or you might consider making your own roll with midi programing.