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    Bizzare problem while handling open documents.

    Ch. Efstathios



      I am facing a bizarre problem when I retrieve the open documents with the following code:


      for (F_ObjHandleT docId = F_ApiGetId(FV_SessionId, FV_SessionId, FP_FirstOpenDoc); docId; docId = F_ApiGetId(FV_SessionId, docId, FP_NextOpenDocInSession))
          StringT documentFilePath = F_ApiGetString(FV_SessionId, docId, FP_Name);


      If I paste from e.g. Microsoft Word any formatted text and paste it to a new document in FrameMaker when I try to get all open documents I get not only my new document but also a temporary document with filepath: C:\Users\Me\AppData\Local\Temp\FRS375F.fm.


      This file contains the same information that I have pasted in my new document and also does not exit physically.


      Can somebody please tell me why is this happening?