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    Metadata panel in Library annoyingly reloading


      Why does Metadata panel reloading every time I change the keywords (or when I make changes in the Develop module and then coming back to the Library)?


      I often make changes to the keywords and then make the changes to the Title or Caption. Here is the problem: after I change the keywords, Lightroom waits several seconds and then for some reason starts reloading the Metadata panel! Even if I already started to typing something in the Title or Caption! And then all the changes that I've made to the Title/Caption reverts to the state how it was before Lightroom started to reload the Metadata panel. It is really annoying! Sometimes I have to type and type again Title/Caption several times, because Lightroom is reloading all the fields in Metadata panel and everytime it reverts these fields to the old state.


      Furthermore, when Lightroom starts reloading the fields of Metadata panel, all the letters that I was typing in Title/Caption fields become the commands that I give to Lightroom! For example, if I was typing "d" letter in Title/Caption in the moment when Lightroom starts reloading Metadata panel, the software thinks that I need to get to Develop module ("d" shortcut). It forgets that I was simply typing the text in Title/Caption field, it thinks that I'm giving the shortcut-commands.


      I use Lightroom 5.7 on Mac OS X 10.10.5 Yosemite however this problem is not new to Lightroom in my experience.