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    FLV movie problems

      Hi! I want to make a preloader for a FLV movie but I am having some troubles. I have managed to made a preloader with a fixed media display adress, I mean that when I created the media display in my fla file, I also inserted the movie adress.

      The problem is that the movie adress is not fixed. I can change it through the website navigation. So when I leva blank the URL in media display, the movie.bytesTotal will always be -1 and the movie.bytesLoaded will be 0. How can I fix this?

      What I want: when I click on my website, a javascript function changes a variable in swf and plays it. This variable change loads a nem FLV movie and then the pre-loader gets the new movie.bytesTotal and starts to update the movie.bytesLoaded.

      How can I do that?

      See ya!