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    Moving projects in Adobe Draw

    luckyhandpress Level 1



      I'm new to Adobe products. I recently started using Adobe Draw on an iPad Pro that I share with my fiancé. I created a project not realizing that the app was signed into his Adobe ID. Now, I can't seem to move the project or its individual drawings to MY Adobe ID within Draw, so that I can publish them to my own Behance. And I accidently published a WIP to HIS Behance profile!


      Please help! How do I delete the WIP from his Behance profile, and move my projects/drawings to my own Adobe ID within Draw on the iPad Pro?


      Thank you!

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi LuckyHand, 


          With regard to removing the work in progress from Behance, one of you just has to sign into his Behance and delete it.


          About getting your artwork out of his account and into yours, you can use the  “Share your Assets with Send Link” function through a web browser. Here's how to do that:

          Sign in to http://assets.adobe.com/ with HIS Adobe ID

          Navigate to Assets/Files/Mobile Creations/Draw and select the project to share

          Click on Share/Send Link, then the button Create Public Link

          At this point, you can choose to send the link to an email address. Send it to yourself.

          Then, sign out of  http://assets.adobe.com/ and sign back in with YOUR Adobe ID

          Then click on the link in your email.

          You'll be presented with the choice to add it to your projects. Do that.

          Let Draw sync and you should be good to go and able to work on the file in your account.


          You may want to keep these instructions handy because if you're sharing an iPad, it's likely going to happen again.


          Let me know how it goes.



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            Phillip@K2 Level 1

            Hi Sue,

            i tried that with me work account to my personal home one to see if i can open up my adobe draw file in illustrator but the shared link dose not let you open up the files as a vector only as a jpeg or png? am I missing something here?

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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



              It sounds like you may be missing a step... You have to actually save it from your "work" Draw account to your "personal" Draw account. Which means opening that link in assets.adobe.com from your "personal" account and clicking the Save to Creative Cloud link. In other words, you should be able to open the project in Draw... Then you can send it to the desktop.



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                Phillip@K2 Level 1

                Thanks that worked! i wanted to do this for along time now i can send my drawing on my iPad on my personal account to works illustrator account by logging on and off from one account to the other just a bunch of steps to do this mmmha ha ha ha.