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    InDesign to PDF Export - Fine in Acrobat, terrible in online reader


      Hi All,


      I have encountered a strange thing when exporting PDF books.


      I have 4 different books that I export from a set as PDF files. When I export two of the books they look fine. However when I export two other books they seem to lose their sense of the page. Titles, page number tabs, artwork, all seem to move off the page.


      Has anyone else encountered this? I've included a screen shot below to give an idea of what I'm talking about.


      To summarize I've exported as Single Page and Two-Up in all their varieties. I've exported as Interactive PDF (contains buttons with hyperlinks).


      The hardest part to wrap my head around is that two books, whose pdfs are produced the same way, InDesign documents structured the same way, seem to produce vastly different results.


      Any thoughts?