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    Adobe Pro blacking out secure signature




      I am a realtor and use Adobe Pro DC and a program through our mls called Authentisign.


      I had a  document that was signed through authentisign and when printed on both my office and home computers would black out the signature.

      When other people printed it, it would print correctly.


      In doing some research, there was a similar issue on an adobe forum where the person was told to print as image--so I did.  It worked.


      What would be causing the signatures to be blacked out?  I have printed other documents created from the same program, and have never had an issue.


      When printing, you can go to advanced and it looks as if a black sheet of paper is put over the document.  When you print as image, there is nothing blocking the document.


      Anyone have any ideas?  At least I have a work-around, but as I have said I haven't had any issues in the past.


      Thank you all for your help!


      print as document.PNG