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    Lightroom not applying auto lens correction for M43 lenses


      From the forums, there is much discussion on the auto-application of built-in profiles for M43 lenses.  My problem is that Lightroom is not applying builtin profiles for an olympus omd-em5 camera (lenses panasonic lumix 14-140 3.5-5.6, olympus kit 12-50), panasonic gh3 (lens 14-42 kit).  I am using raw format pictures of course, and I have tried Lightroom 4.4 and downloaded the lastest Lightroom 5.7.1.  I have started fresh with new catalogs and in each case I have the same result.  When I go to Develop and Lens Corrections it is NOT showing me the info button saying that a built-in profile has been applied.  ENABLE PROFILE CORRECTIONS is NOT selected.  From my study of the forums the Info button should be there but it isn't.  Any ideas?