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    Reset Settings appearing in Develop Module after reading xmp files


      Hi there -


      I have a problem that manifests itself over various computers, at random times...its quite strange.  We have a wedding photo studio and sometimes send our RAW files out to be color-corrected on by others.  They'll send us the xmp files; we'll copy these xmps into the folder with the RAW files, and read metadata in Lightroom.  By the book. 


      the problem is - that quite often, the develop module history shows 'reset settings' as the last state, and all the sliders will be at 0.  this might happen to 10% of the take, up to 60% of the take - sometimes completely random, sometimes in large chunks of images.  This goes for CR2 files, NEF files, could be any type of file... its making us kind of crazy. 


      Anyone have any idea what's causing this issue?


      Thanks in advance!