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    Indesign slow with VPN


      So i have had the same laggy and slow issues with indesign CC, that a lot of people have been experiencing, it almost makes it unusable its so laggy.  I work remotely and use a VPN to access files off of work servers (Plus I use company email through outlook and messaging through Lync and a softphone so I have to stay connected to the VPN all day). I always work locally on my machine I either copy the files off the server or just start from scratch but the files I work on are always local and saved on my computer. The same goes with all my links, I pull all assets into a local folder so there really is nothing linked on any servers. Any way long story short after all kinds of testing the crazy thing I found was when I disconnected the VPN, Indesign works perfectly, no issues, no lag.


      Any ideas on why the VPN would slow indesign down?