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    Interactive Html5/Canvas Freezes Mobile Phones

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      I was once a Flash Designer, and since Apple _ Google announced that Flash would no longer be supported on mobile devices. I have been without a good Interactive/Animation platform that would be supported on Mobile Phones/Tablets without having to do it in AIR or develop a native app.


      Along came Edge Animate... Okay... that at least worked on Mobile Phones... I thought this would be a good replacement for the awesome tool that Flash was.

      NOPE... Adobe yanks it away and gives us Animate CC.


      I thought okay... at least its in an environment I know....

      Anyways.... I made this Interactive Html5/Canvas using "Button" to go to each individual Frame. That is all it does.


      Works great on my Desktop PC... but when I view it on my Android Phone, it is WICKED SLOW (scrolling my entire webpage is slow)

      Tapping on one of the buttons (which has a hover) takes several seconds to go the desired frame.

      After about 3 time switching pages... the Canvas totally Freezes the phone and I have to do a HARD REST of the PHONE.


      See the page here of the Html5/Canvas content I made....

      Image File Formats | Articles | TechniPixel Solutions


      I expected Animate CC to response way better on the phone than this.

      If this is true, that Animate CC (aka Html5/Canvas) is NOT READY for prime-time yet on mobile phones...

      Then I have nothing to use to develop interactive content that can display on a mobile phone without create a native app or using AIR.


      Flash is an A+ in my books

      Animate CC is an D-F.... I am not impressed 


      Can anyone shed any light on Interactivity and mobile phones with Animate CC (aka Html5/Canvas)


      Oh, I wish for the days of Flash to come back!!!


      Thanks in Advance

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          Update on the issue described above.


          1) After hours of seeking and looking for a better framework than Animate CC.

          I have come to realize that the problem isn't so much with Animate CC.

          But, the issue is with some mobile phones in general who tries to run Html5 Canvas technology.


          I have download GreenSock, which is pure coding (no GUI).... Looks very promising as a true Tweening/Interactive framework using SVG.... You can even use it in Animate CC... However, even some users report poor performance on mobile forms.


          Smart Mobile Phones lack the power of a desktop and have to redraw the canvas or deal with some phones who don't have the proper support is what is actually slowing down our interactive animations. I have read countless articles on poor performance of Html5 Canvas on the phones. It's not the canvas that is poor, its the poor performance of the phone.


          2) So, in light of that, Trying to create truly interactive (and animations) that are complex may not work on phones yet , Like I wish.

          So, I created the same content in the link above using just images and Javascript. No canvas at all.


          It works great on the phones because it is just plain old html.

          Take a peek here... Image File Formats | Articles | TechniPixel Solutions


          But, Boy, I still love the freedom of designing anything and everything with flash and it still worked on phones.


          3) So, because I kind of feel like I don't have a truly viable platform to create interactive content that will work on all devices...

          Is there a way to wrap Flash in a layer (or something) that will still work on mobile devices, especially iOS?

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            Okay... since no one is addressing this... I have changed the links so my JS/Image version is live on my site now.


            JS/Image Version that replaces the Animate CC Html5 Canvas version (link below)

            Image File Formats | Articles | TechniPixel Solutions


            Animate CC Html5 Canvas Version

            Image File Formats | Articles | TechniPixel Solutions


            The final conclusion is that Animate CC is great for Desktop creations... but because of the lack of processor power on Mobile Phones (which is the phone manufacturer issue to catch up on).... It's best to not use Html5 Canvas on mobile phones... YET!


            We have to wait for the phone computing power to get faster and better,


            This is NOT Animate CC's fault... but the phone's lack of power to sufficiently run Desktop powered creations.

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              photogyulai Level 1

              The struggel is the same here...

              it is such a shame that if you want to make some decent, flash like stuff in nowadays... you have to **** diamonds.... and it is still not working in some cases... (in 2017!!!!!!)


              The IT stuff should be heading towards free, and easy access, openminded, opensourced stuff...

              but making an educational interactive material.. is nearly impossible... (20 years ago it was a piece of cake with flash)