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    Not able to render the whole video.


      This has happened to me before, and I have had to abandoned other projects because i couldn't find any answers to this.



      When I go to render, it will render the first couple of clips and music, but when it gets to the main editing portion of the video, it refuses to render. I can't seem to find the error that it was giving me, but it was something about needing 2 or more frames to render, as well as an error saying something about my composition size and it being too small or large. I have followed tutorials, but nothing is working for me. I will provide the screenshot to help show my problem.



      The red line is where it stops the render.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Without any error message or a more complete description of your workflow and your comp you will have to start by troubleshooting your comp. Here's how to do that.


          The first thing you should do is select all of the layers that span the timeline when the render fails. It looks to me like the black solid and the two adjustment layers are the only layers that are active when the comp fails. With those layers selected press the U key twice to reveal all modified properties of the layers. It looks like you have Magic Bullet Looks applied to the adjustment layer that has some properties revealed. There must be something at the bottom of your comp or something that I don't understand is going on with the Black Solid. You haven't done a very good job of labeling your timeline so anyone can figure out what is going on.


          When you have all of the modified properties revealed try setting your work area to start just before the render fails and then end just a few seconds after these problem layers start and run a test render using just the work area If you get another failure then start turning effects off or resetting properties one by one until you figure out what is causing the problem and then report back. It could be anything.


          If you don't get a render failure with the shortened work area then something is happening in the first part of the timeline that is gobbling up your memory. You'll have to find the modified properties of each layer and start turning things off one at a time to find out what is going on.


          One more thing, and this should have been my first comment. Make sure that AE and all of your effects are up to date.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Update your graphics drivers. I concur with Rick that this is an issue with your adjustment layers and using GPU-accelerated effects. Some bug is preventing them from working correctly or you exhaust your hardware resources in that department.