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    Adobe CC 2015 apps and files locations on a MAC.


      I am not sure the proper place for "Folders" & "Apps"; these are options given on my mac when I click on the Creative Cloud or "CC"


      Clicking on the Creative Cloud emblem up on the menu bar or what it is. 

      I don't know where the proper directory path is for "FOLDER LOCATION" under files tab. under preferences, also there is an APPS location which I assume is application folder.


      it is changeable "therefore I am man I will make changes" I have changed it. now I really don't know what the original location was and what it should be fore folders.



      there are a few that sound logical. but I don't know what are the right and proper locations paths for these things



      what is the correct locations for these prefferences, %22CC%22 Folder locations.jpg

      there so I've pretty much highlighted the variable's that are my catastrophic headache of the moment. if you are familiar with this scene and have an easy answer for what should be the file paths for both and when using dreamweaver. I'd appreciate it. thank 

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          Alfred Pennyworth Level 4

          The default setting for the CC folder is Macintosh HD/Users/<Your Username>/ It creates the CC folder in that location, however as long as you use the option in the dropdown to move it it will be fine!


          I see very little point trying to move the installation location, as the main parts of the software has to in the default location for it to run correctly anyway, and once downloaded the setup files are deleted automatically and do not take up space!


          I hope this helps?

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            NUGGITLOX Level 1

            I wrote the original question I Think a lot could be confusing about the things questioned. all of my confusion seems to have stemmed from the CC aspect of the DW app. I think If I had the original type of onboard program for helping to develop we stuff or a different means of server actions of DW, I would have not become confused.


            I think It would be great to have an application  or program which is like the dreamweaver but not cc. fortunately I think that is the case for most. DW simply accesses some other actionable files on your os and masks them to a different interface. this is fine aside from how it slowed my rig down when I was trying to work with those "short-lived" brain farts that you have to type, and make without delays from server interactions for masking.

            This is just a theory. If there is something that I do know, it is that ."I don't know everything