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    I lost all my comments and highlights on my text, can I recovery?




      Im using last version app on my iphone 6 and I was reding a great text where I put a lot of comments and highlights. Today, I try to open my pdf and i lost most of my work. i have search in all places: cloud, dropbox, local, etc and all I found is a old version of my readding. It is possible to find my last version?



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          MobileDeveloperCK Adobe Employee

          Hi Theo,


          I am so sorry for your lost work.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to recover the older versions of PDF documents.


          Would you please provide more details about the problem so that we can investigate further?


          Where did the PDF document (that you added a lot of comments to) originally appear in Acrobat Reader's file browser?  "Local", "Document Cloud", "Creative Cloud", or "Dropbox"?


          Would you check the "Recent" section?  Does the latest version of the PDF document appear in "Recent"?




          Are you still signed in?  Please go to My Account to check status. If you are signed out, please sign in again.


          Have you closed the PDF document to save your changes before?  Or did your iPhone go to sleep while the PDF document was still open with pending comments changes?


          Thank you for your help.