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    Basic Coldfusion Help/Inspiration

      Alright I need some basic help and some inspiration. I am trying to figure out how to make a basic POS system. No barcodes or anything people just typing in stuff. Ive already made the database portion and the only thing I am needing help with is how to make the whole Invoice portion of it. Basically I want them to be able to enter in a product_ID and quantity and in return itll return those 2 values, the product_id, and price, along with the price of the product. Then I would like it to times the quantity X price to give the total. My idea might be foolish, repetitve, or completely wrong. Please let me know. Here is an example of 2 pages. 1 where they enter in the product id and quantity, the next page is where the information is retrieved from the database.
      If you need access to the database, here is a link, . http://www.reaconcomputers.com/ReaconComputers.mdb

      thank you for your time