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    C4D Lite Loads Old Project

    DHowes Level 1

      This started happening today.


      If I create a new AE project and then open C4D Lite, C4D is loading the contents of an already existing C4D project into what should be a blank default project. It is always the same project being loaded. Not only are the objects being loaded but the project setting are changed from the defaults.


      I'm sure I've done something stupid, but I can't find anything in the C4D preferences that would explain why this is happening. I've cleared the AE cache, changed the location of the C4D cache and rebooted my system without any effect.


      Any ideas would be helpful, thanks.




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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Check your C4D program folder, your C4D config folder and your system temp folder in your user home directory and delete any *.c4d files you may have accidentally saved there or where C4D has created auto-saves. The program looks for several locations to restore files after crashes or a user-defined default scene with custom settings and that's presumably what you are seeing. Also check these options in the C4D prefs.



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            DHowes Level 1

            Thanks for your help, I did have a crash a couple of days ago when exiting AE. In checking my default.c4d file, it seems that the extraneous scene information was written to that file when the system crashed. To solve the problem I simply recreated the default file from a copy I had saved earlier and everything is working correctly again.


            I guess the lesson to learn here is always make a copy of startup files if possible. Doing that can save a lot of grief down the road.


            Again, thanks for your help.