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    Account messed up


      I closed the full Creative Cloud account on its one year expiration and opened a new Photography only account.  I keep getting popups on opening Lightroom that there is a problem with the account payment and I have one day to fix it. I logout and login, which corrects the problem, but the next day when I open Lightroom I am back to the popup error message It shows Lightroom, Photoshop, and Acrobat, those being the apps I had under the full Creative Cloud account. It is ridiculous that I have to keep fixing this. Any ideas how to correct it permanently?

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          How did you buy/create the Photography plan subscription? Did you use the same Adobe ID? If you did first check your account on the main Adobe web page to see if the Photography plan is active. Then you may need to Sign out and back in on both the CC desktop app and then in LR and PS.


          Or if you used a different Adobe ID, you created a new one, then you will need to Sign Out and back in using that new Adobe ID. You do that in the CC desktop app in the Preferences. Gear Icon in the upper right hand corner and select Preferences.

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            dperry112 Level 1

            I cancelled the full plan and then signed up for the photography plan using same Adobe ID. The photography plan shows it is active on the accounts page and the full plan canceled (offers to have me sign up again). Customer service chat session led to having someone in Adobe fix it and email me in 2 to 3 days.

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              dperry112 Level 1

              Adobe fixed it by cancelling the Creative Cloud account which went ahead and billed by card for another month.  Although the website offers a Cancel option it did not work to cancel an annual plan paid monthly.