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    Audio and mouseover

      I recorded audio for mouseovers. However, when the mouse is no longer resting on the link, the audio continues playing. How do you make it stop?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi jgoette2

          For this one the fix is super simple. You just make sure there is a check mark in the right field.

          Click here to see what I mean

          I know, your next question is going to be: Hey, MY dialog doesn't look like that!

          Sorry, I was having a bit of fun. I had mocked this dialog up to pull a prank on someone else, so thought I'd use it again. After all, I'm a fun lovin guy at heart.

          Now for the answer to your question. There simply is no way I'm aware of to cause the behavior you want. As you have seen, the audio seems to have to play out in its entirety. However, one way you may be able to stop the audio is to insert a button that is programmed to move to the next slide.

          Give that a go and see how it goes.

          Cheers... Rick