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    Annotations lost

    ratjadi77 Level 1



      I just worked two days on a pdf in Adobe Reader for Android, and made a lot of annotations (freehand and text).

      Usually the Reader automatically saves the document/annotations, but now as I closed the reader from task-manager and re-opened the document, all annotations are gone! This never happened before, and I am quite desperate now. I don't use the cloud, so have no backup.


      Hint: I closed the application quite quickly after typing a text-annotation. But this would be clearly a bug, because the application should flush all changes before closing, and surely not delete all previous annotations.


      Please help, is there a way to restore a version from the cache are anything like that.




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          Bharti Madaan Adobe Employee



          It seems that you forgot to tap on "Check Mark" on top left corner of Comment Toolbar before closing the PDF. Without tapping on the same, changes will not be saved in your file. Please let us know if you need any further assistance.



          Adobe Acrobat Team

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            KhanMehwish Adobe Employee

            Hello Andreas,


            The annotations made will be saved only if you close the file. Closing the app through the task manager force closes the application without saving the file gracefully. In this case, the annotations made will be lost. Unfortunately, you will not be able to retrieve the changes made.



            Adobe Acrobat Team