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    Lost my edited images on LR mobile after sync


      I woke up this morning and found that all of my hard work from yesterday has disappeared. Help!


      Here's my workflow: I load photos from the memory card into client folders on my desktop and then import into Lightroom. Then I create a collection and sync to LR mobile on my iPad Pro, where I do the first round of editing. Then I come back to the desktop, do any fine-tuning or Photoshop work necessary, and export back to the client folder.


      Yesterday, I edited a large batch of photos on my iPad and went to the desktop to continue work, but the changes hadn't synced - apparently I had been logged out of LR mobile for some reason. I logged back in, and the sync started but it was very slow, so I went to bed. This morning I woke up and checked the desktop - the sync was complete but none of the edits I had made yesterday were there, nor were the picked and rejected photos.


      I opened up LR mobile on my iPad and saw the edited photos, just as I had left them yesterday - and then it started to sync, and before my eyes those all disappeared and were replaced with the unedited ones. It synced the desktop to the iPad, instead of the other way around, and overwrote all my edited images. Is there any way to get those edited versions back?