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    how to create my own validations

    j2eesatish Level 1
      Hi I am using String validatins. But i want check some some conditions from my inoput. Is it posible to write my own validations for the components?
      And also can change the look of the validation alert style!.

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          Hi have u read adobe flex2.0 help files there are many topics related to it. Regarding validation the topics lie under the titles
          Creating and Extending Flex 2.0 Components > Creating Nonvisual Flex Components > Creating Custom Validators

          Moreover there is an example that examines three input fields:

          package myValidators
          import mx.validators.Validator;
          import mx.validators.ValidationResult;

          public class NameValidator extends Validator {

          // Define Array for the return value of doValidation().
          private var results:Array;

          public function NameValidator () {

          override protected function doValidation(value bject):Array {

          var fName:String = value.first;
          var mName:String = value.middle;
          var lName:String = value.last;

          // Clear results Array.
          results = [];

          // Call base class doValidation().
          results = super.doValidation(value);
          // Return if there are errors.
          if (results.length > 0)
          return results;

          // Check first name field.
          if (fName == "" || fName == null) {
          results.push(new ValidationResult(true, "first", "noFirstName",
          "No First Name."));
          return results;

          // Check middle name field.
          if (mName == "" || mName == null) {
          results.push(new ValidationResult(true, "middle", "noMiddleName",
          "No Middle Name."));
          return results;

          // Check last name field.
          if (lName == "" || lName == null) {
          results.push(new ValidationResult(true, "last", "noLastName",
          "No Last Name."));
          return results;

          return results;
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            ramasatoskar Level 1
            Also in another example , you use a NameValidator that validates an item containing three fields named first, middle, and last:

            <?xml version="1.0"?>
            <mx:Application xmlns:mx=" http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" xmlns:MyComp="myValidators.*">

            <mx:Model id="person">

            <mx:TextInput id="firstInput"/>
            <mx:TextInput id="middleInput"/>
            <mx:TextInput id="lastInput"/>

            <MyComp:NameValidator id="nameVal"
            source="{person}" property="name"

            <mx:Button label="Validate" click="nameVal.validate();"/>