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    Auto create value in one field based upon percentage range in another field

    ChristinaDuckworth Level 1

      Good morning, forum folks!  I am trying to create a field which populates a score based on the percentage in another field.  To that end, I have a field which autocalculates a percent based upon two other fields.  I would like a third field which, for instance, rates less 75% as a 2 ... 75 - 85% as a 3 .. and greater than 85% as a 4.  I cannot figure out the syntax to make this happen, can any of you help?


      For edification, my percentage field looks like:

      //Rock Percentage Calculation – use Number Format “Percentage”

      if (this.getField("RockTotalQ").value==0) {
          event.value = 0;
      } else {
      event.value = this.getField("RockComplQ").value/this.getField("RockTotalQ").value;