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    Lightroom 6.5.1 Map Module, Mouse Button Appears Stuck


      I am a recent Lightroom convert after using Aperture on my iMac running 10.11.4 for years. So far I'm liking it except for one annoying bug in the map module. When I'm in this module it appears as if my mouse button is stuck down all the time making panning and navigating the map nearly impossible. As soon as I mouse over the map it jumps to some previous position so I can't navigate to a new location.


      I have a magic mouse, a track pad and a Wacom tablet on this system. I've tried disabling all of them and running just the mouse or just the track pad but either one does the same thing.


      Occasionally the system begins to act normally for a brief time but will go back into locked mouse mode with in a few minutes. Changing the zoom level may be what allows it to work for a time.


      I see no references to this on line or in these forums so it must be an uncommon fault or something in my own specific setup.


      Any hints as to how to make the map module work properly would be appreciated.