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    Using saveAS on a PDF form opened in Outlook


      Hi Guys and Gals (assuming there are some Nerdy Gals out there )


      I have this lovely expense claim form I created and want to have it approved electronically, meaning I will fill out the form and click a "Submit" button to email it to my boss for approval. This all works fine.


      When my boss gets the email in Outlook, he double-clicks the attached expense form to review. Hopefully he will click "Approve" at the bottom


      The "Approve" button tries to save the Form using this.saveAs in a privileged context.to a trusted location on the bosses hard disk.

      That's where it all goes wrong....


      Anyway here's my code:


      In C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 11.0\Reader\Javascripts I have a script called MyTrusted.js:


      var MySavesAs=app.trustedFunction(







      app.alert("Error during save");





      I'm sure Thom Parker will recognise this, cos he wrote it!


      In the mouseUp JavaScript for my button, I have


      if (typeof(MySaveAs)=="function")


      var MyPath="C:/AIF/";

      var MyFileName=this.documentFileName;





      Anyway. When the boss opens the attached pdf in Outlook, it is cached in C:\outlookcache\


      When he hits the Approve button with the aforementioned button script, he gets "Error during save" from the trusted function MySaveAs.


      I have tried to add the directory C:\outlookcache\ to the list of Privileged Locations under the Enhanced Security Preferences, Reader doesn't accept this.


      If the Boss manually Clicks File>Save As and saves to C:\AIF\ (which IS on the list of Privileged Locations), and then opens that file from that location he can approve without problems i.e. the script works perfectly.


      So, how do I get around this security restriction?


      "Enable Protected Mode at Startup" has been switched off, as has "Enable Enhanced Security" but to no availPreferences.jpg


      Please tell me I am doing something wrong!!