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    Migrate from Aperture AND accommodate missing referenced files


      I am a current Aperture user, on the brink of switching to Adobe because of Apple's **** poor approach to its existing user base. Unfortunately I have a bit of an issue with Adobe's migration utility.


      In Aperture I have kept my entire library of 40-odd thousand images as 'referenced' images. Many people go on about how one should just let Aperture manage everything and not worry about the detail, but I don't like that approach cos there will inevitably come a day when the software has to change - and if you haven't kept control then you will get badly burnt. And then Apple announced it wasn't taking Aperture any further...


      Just recently I have replaced the NAS on which I keep my referenced image files. Because the NAS change includes a switch of manufacturer, the name of the volume had to change. I assumed that this wouldn't be a problem however since I used Aperture's 'relocate files' function to point to the new NAS. Unfortunately the Aperture functionality doesn't work properly and I now have an Aperture library where some images correctly look at the new NAS but most look at the old NAS which no longer exists. And I can't correct the problem in Aperture, because the 'reconnect files' functionality refuses to recognise the new NAS drive.


      This is clearly the point to ditch Apple's dodgy software and switch to Adobe. Unfortunately the Adobe Lightroom plug-in to migrate from Aperture ignores any images where it can't locate the originals. Which is 99% of my library!


      I'm therefore at the point where - unless someone has a more tolerant way of migrating an Aperture catalog into Lightroom - I may have to hack Aperture's database and replace all invalid references to the old NAS with correct references to the new NAS.


      Any suggestions?