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    First line indent issues

    E Allen

      I'm new to Indesign... as will probably become immediately obvious.

      I want to create a first line indent for each paragraph.

      I go to my paragraph setup and enter the appropriate amount (.375).

      My problem is I can't make it universal... I have to go to each and every paragraph and reset it.

      I should add that I am 'placing' text from .docx files into a new document.

      I've tried to place the document, then set the indent-- and I've tried to set the indent, then place the document... neither works well.


      I would like to begin a new document, set font type, size, etc. then 'place' my text and have it conform to my every wish and desire.

      I have several chapters to develop and tried to set a master to be observed by every succeeding chapter.

      My introduction document was easy... just a couple of paragraphs. But I can't take what I set there and apply it to the next chapter... or the next.


      I'm trying to help a friend whose chapters seem to be getting longer and longer as we go.


      I should add, I have a 'Que' manual and can't seem to find what I want there either; I've found some YouTube videos, but I still have to go paragraph by paragraph.

      I would like a once for all solution.


      Is this enough to let you know what I am trying? Or am I so inexperienced I can't even ask a proper question.

      I'm lost -- but am willing to do some work to learn this program.

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant
          1. Make the changes to one paragraph you want to have.
          2. Go to Window > Styles > Paragraph Styles.
          3. Click to the New Style Button, name it.
          4. Select all texts with this formatting and klick on the style name.

          Create for any kind its proper paragraph style. Take care to start with a basic style and any other based on. It helps to perform fast changes all over the document.

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            Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

            And to add to Willi's excellent advice, if you need to change the format of a word or words within a Paragraph Style, for example, a word in italic, you create a Character Style for this kind of formatting.

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              E Allen Level 1

              Thank you both... Willi and Derek... now I'm learning what I need to know!

              I'll just bet I have a touch more though..... :>)

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                Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                If you start to learn, I would suggest, the most important topics to dig in are:

                1. Document: Set up, size, bleed, facing/non facing pages.
                2. Layers (use same order with the same names, my recommendations)
                3. Masters: How to use them, in conjunction of layers and order of objects.
                4. Text Styles: Paragraph & Character Styles, all elements of it including keep options and hyphenation, have a look into the definition.
                5. Object Styles: How to set up objects, etc.
                6. Table & Cell Styles
                7. Forbidden behaviours (several returns to force space between paragraphs, multiple space characters, etc.)


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                  Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

                  Regarding learning InDesign, I find the online video tutorials from TrainSimple.com and Lynda.com are excellent as are the Classroom in a Book series and the QuickStart books.