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    Edit After Effect Template


      Hey guys, I'm a beginner in AE and I'm trying to learn AE. I have a problem which I hope you guys can help me with. This morning I discovered a pretty cool template (to me) but I don't know some effects used in the template so I can't edit it. Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 15.11.02.png

      SO as you can see on the left of this scene there's a calendar and the date, month, year column spin like a slot machine in the casino (it's so awsome). When it stopped, the default setting put the date at DEC 5 2015. I want to change the default setting date ( say like July 24 2016 ) but I don't know how . Plsss help me. Thank you

      Here the AE file  XXXXXXX

      P/S: Sorry for my bad english.



      [Google Drive link removed by moderator - if it's a free template, maybe link to the place you found it, but if it's a paid-for template, don't give it away for free...]