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    Hard Drive setup. Need Advice

    bryced87 Level 1

      For a year I've had constant mess with hard drive organization. i'd like to solve that but not sure exactly what the best setup should be for my workflow. Here is the programs I use for my business which requires both Video, Photo and Audio editing. I am using an iMac Intel Core i7 processor with 2GB of Video Ram. I have four USB 3 slots and two Thunderbolt slots which are already taken up for two display monitors. Below is the software I use and what I use each one for.

      Video: Premiere Pro, After Effects and Speedgrade. Footage is converted to Apple Pro Res.

      Photo Editing: Lightroom, Photoshop and digital scanning

      Audio: Avid Pro Tools, Adobe Audition CC and Reason. I edit, mix and produce music tracks and also edit audio for podcasts.

      Out of all those software programs I use and what I do with each one should I do this for my hard drive management?

      1. Have one External Hard Drive that holds every media file such as video, audio and photos
      2. Get a second External Hard Drive for cache files such as Render files? (known as scratch disk in Premiere.)
      3. Get a third external drive for all exports of completed media files.
      4. get a fourth external hard drive large enough to backup drives 1 through 3.

      I once read an article that said I should be using one external hard drive per software program. That sounds like overkill to me. Why would I need external hard drives for every program I use?

      Can someone please give me advice as to whether I'm in the right ballpark for finally getting my hard drives organized?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Lots of articles at Tweakers Page

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            Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            My opinion hard disk drives are fine for back-up and archiving, get modern and go SSD

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              JFPhoton Level 3

              Yes, Bill's advice is good. Only have OS and programs on your "boot drive" , which should be a quality SATA III SSD, like a 500GB or larger Samsung 850Pro.


              Then ALL ELSE should go on a new Samsung 950 Pro PCI SSD which runs at over 2 GB /sec read and 1.5 GB/sec write. You may need an "adapter card" in order to plug this new drive into an available PCI slot. Then, a large, spinning HDD can be used to backup and archive completed files and valuable media.


              Or, you can just install two,or even three quality SSDs in a fast RAID 0 off the motherboard to give you a higher capacity single volume for your "media drive",or" project drive"  ALL files not on the boot drive would go here for best performance and again, you would have a large, spinning HDD also installed to serve as an archive and backup drive.....preferably an "enterprise level" 7200RPM hard drive with a large capacity, at least as big as the RAID 0 volume

                    A RAID 0 of three Samsung 850 Pro SSDs should give at least 1.5 GB/sec. read and 950MB/sec write speed. Spinning HDDs are just too slow in comparison for use in current video editing, and are often the main cause of performance "bottlenecks". They are good for backing up and archiving.