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    Render Queue Problem: After I add comp to Queue, I can't click on anything!


      This is a really infuriating problem I've been wrestling with the last hour or so where after hitting "add comp to render queue", then I go to the render queue, and click "Best Settings" so I can start setting my render settings, all of the sudden I am unable to click on anything. It's not freezing up, but I am on a Mac, and you know the "bonk!" sound Mac makes when you try clicking on something you can't click on? It makes that sound, no matter where I click in AE and I have to force quit because I can't even click to quit the normal way.


      I've never ever had this issue before. I've been using AE for a long time but I'm by no means a pro at it -- so is this something stupid that I'm doing, or a bug? It's ground my work to a halt and I'm so frustrated.


      Thank you!!