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    Capture Time Doesn't Reflect Timezone (Sony a6000)


      The timezone on my camera (Sony a6000) is set to PST (-08:00).  However, when I import my photos into Lightroom, the Capture Time value for each photo is the GMT equivalent, e.g. if I take a photo at 11am PST, the Capture Time is 7pm.  The "Creation Time" for the photo is still correct, and I can "fix" the Capture Time by running the "Change to file's creation date" operation on the photo.  However, this is non-ideal because I import photos into YYYY_MM_DD folders, and the original import (which uses the incorrect Capture Time) often puts the the photo in the wrong folder based on the incorrect Capture Time.  Is there a good solution to this?


      [There are probably arguments to be made for just switching my camera's timezone to GMT, but I spend most of my time in PST and so this is a much nicer boundary for importing.  Plus, my other main camera (my iPhone) doesn't have the same issue described above, so if there's an event where I take photos with both my Sony and my iPhone and then import both, often photos from the event will be split across two separate date folders because of the Capture Time issue.]


      I'm using Lightroom 5.6 on Mac (El Capitan 10.11.3).




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          jhf555 Level 1

          One workaround I can think of is:


          (1) Import all photos to a single folder.

          (2) Select all and apply the "Change to file's creation date" operation

          (3) Remove this folder from the catalog, and then re-import all of the photos into the date-structured folders.


          This is a bit of a hack but I think it'll work.  Would be good to know if there's something easier though.  Perhaps a way to apply the "change-to-file's-creation-date" operation during the import, right before the destination folder is chosen?  Or just a general fix for why the timezone-ignoring issue.

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            johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

            Most likely, the camera is encoding the capture date/time and its time zone in a way that doesn't conform to standards.  (The EXIF industry standard doesn't define any way for cameras to record time zone.)  If you upload a sample problem pic to Dropbox (or similar), I'll take a look, and from that I'll probably be able to suggest a workaround that doesn't rely on file create dates (which is fragile).

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              jhf555 Level 1

              I changed the timezone on the camera a few times and of course now the problem isn't reproducing.  I'll keep trying to see if I can get it to happen again.  It may have been some difference between importing from the camera itself vs an intermediary folder.


              In the meantime, is there a good explanation of how Lightroom determines "Capture Time"?  If I google "lightroom capture time" I just get articles on how to set it.


              And thank you John for your help!

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                johnrellis Most Valuable Participant
                how Lightroom determines "Capture Time"?

                For metadata in general, LR follows the industry standard from the Metadata Working Group.  For capture date, LR looks at the EXIF metadata field DateTimeOriginal, which all digital cameras add to photos. (There are various complications if the photo is missing that field and/or there is XMP metadata stored in the photo.)