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    Poor Quality Image




      I purchased image#95650528 with an extended license only to find the picture, which looks fine on the downloadable thumbnail, but when you look at the image at 100% doesn't have a anything in focus - it's like camera shake when the image was taken - how are they able to submit an image that is so poor?
      Needless to say I am disappointed with the quality of the image and find that it is unusable for what it was purchased for - how do I get a refund and is there anyway you can identify this in future images.



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          spsb84 Adobe Employee

          Hi Naomi,


          Image #95650528 tends to be a JPEG file type.


          What this means is: if we make 100% zoom to a JPEG file using Adobe Photoshop, by behavior the image would rasterize OR get pix-elated.

          You can achieve focus with maximum zoom only with Vector images {.ai extension} which we can only open using Adobe Illustrator.


          Can you please share the screen-shot so that, it helps us identify the poor quality concern?




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            zestie Level 1

            Please let me make this clear, I am not enlarging the image.  Viewing it at it's default size - it is not sharp - this is made more obvious by the amount of lines in the image . I have purchased other images which do not have issues.

            PoorQuality Example-a.jpg

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              spsb84 Adobe Employee

              Hi Naomi,


              Apologies for the delay in response.


              We have tested using the image by opening it in Adobe Photoshop at 100% view scale. The result is as shown below:

              We don't see any lines in the image.




              Would request you to please share the complete screen-shot of the issue you are facing. Also, do you see the same output as shared above?




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                zestie Level 1

                Hi ,

                Please see my previous reply of the screenshot of the image quality. The issue is the building is clearly not sharp as you can see from my screenshot of the centre & left hand side of the image. PoorQuality Example.jpg

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                  zestie Level 1

                  Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 8.31.53 AM.png

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                    EvilBugQueen1 Adobe Employee

                    Hello Naomi,


                    I'm a member of the Adobe Stock Engineering Team. I agree the image is out of focus. I have granted you a replacement extended license for this image and will report this image to content management. When you next sign into Adobe Stock and select an image for an extended license you will not be charged.


                    I apologize at the delay in resolving this. Please let us know if you require further assistance.