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    flash player crash ?

    fanno Level 1
      the flash player crash ? anyone know what it could be ? i dont have much else info that i can give ...

      the code that are running in the player has remote shared objects. and it seems to happen when i connect to a new shared object or when disconecting or somthing like that ..

      anyone have any idears ?

      00489868 jne 0048986E
      0048986A xor eax,eax
      0048986C pop ebx
      0048986D ret
      0048986E push esi
      0048986F push edi
      00489870 mov edi,dword ptr [ecx+0Ch]
      00489873 xor eax,eax
      00489875 mov esi,dword ptr [ecx]
      00489877 mov edx,dword ptr [edi+esi*8+4] <---------crash here
      0048987B test dl,4
      0048987E jne 00489888
      00489880 test edx,0FFFFFFF8h
      00489886 jmp 0048988E
      00489888 and edx,0F8h
      0048988B cmp dword ptr [edx],0