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    Add eventlistener to main Application in Module

      I need to add a eventListener to the main application in a module without using parentApplication.
      I will unload the module that i have click the exit button.
      How can i do instead?

      Here is a bit of my code.

      ---------------- Application -------------------

      menuAppLoader = new ModuleLoader();
      menuAppLoader.url = "mySecondModule.swf";
      menuAppLoader.addEventListener("close", closeModule);

      private function closeModule(e:Event):void{
      systemLogger("Closing a window " + e.target.name);
      var tmpObject:ModuleLoader = e.target.parent as ModuleLoader;

      ---------------- Module -------------------------

      parentApplication.addEventListener(MDIWindowEvent.CLOSE, closeHandler);

      private function closeHandler(e:Event):void {
      this.dispatchEvent(new Event("close",true,true));