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    Lightroom not synchronizing




      Lightroom 6.5.1

      Windows 10

      Photo archive: Locally connected Synology NAS

      Mailly RAW Canon files and some video


      I am new to lightroom so there might be something I don't understand, but when I add photos to my folders manually or manually edit the folder names in windows explorer Lightroom will not synchronizer and update them. Even after synchronizing a parent folder the subsolders which I have added photos to is not updated. Even if I synchronize the subfolder directly(which also have subsubfolders like "Favorites") is does not include all photos in that folder.

      I have 250 photos in a folder and Lightroom only sees 219 of them.

      The folder holds 117 CR2 files, 136 jpg files and 24 movie clips. The folder also has 3 subfolders which also has photos.



      Can anyone help me?

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It’s best to avoid re-naming or moving outside of LR otherwise you break the catalog links. Remember that LR does not physically hold photos. It simply references the files on your hard drive or NAS.


          So rather than use sync, which is only intended for importing new files you need to right-click on the folder name in the Library and choose “Update Folder Location”


          Then navigate to the newly named folder and select it. LR will repair the links. Then try the sync folder.

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            norphoto Level 1

            Ok, but for example I import photos from my camera to a folder in my archive and then I have to sort the photos in the correct topic folder and give the new folders a name ex. "2016_05_sunday hike". There might be 5-10 different new folder names created from each photo dump and the naming and moving of photos is much more convenient to do in explorer.


            Also I might do this from my work computer from a remote location directly in the photo archive useing my NAS user interface, and also my phone photos are automaticaslly synched to a folder on my NAS whenever I have wifi connection, and every now and then I need to sort those 50 or so photos into respective folders. I really think updating of changes in the photo source should be handled by a modern photo software like lightroom.


            Any tips to how I can handle this in a better way? I would find it difficult to only use lightroom for all folder and structuring

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              99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              After assembling your folders use Import >> Add

              Then don't move or rename unless you do it in the LR Library.

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                norphoto Level 1

                Ok, then I have to make a list of folders to do this to and remember to do this when I get home. Also my wife needs to do this. It seems so 1990s. This is basic stuff that should be handled, don't you agree?


                But what about when the damage is done and there is 50 photos that dont show up? What do I do now? Do I need to uninstall and reinstall lightroom over again so that the whole library is rebuilt?

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                  99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Why make all those folders when LR is deigned to make a work-flow easy?


                  I just import from my camera storage card into a single folder. Then I create collections for individual subjects or categories. It’s much more efficient that using the operating system and avoids catalog errors.

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                    WobertC Adobe Community Professional
                    Do I need to uninstall and reinstall lightroom over again so that the whole library is rebuilt?

                    Do you re-install MS-Word if you miss-spell a word in a document? No.

                    Do you re-install MS-Excel if you type a wrong number in a spread-sheet? No.

                    Do you re-install MS-Access if you make an error in data? No.

                    Do you re-install Lightroom if there is faults in the Catalog? NO.!

                    The Lightroom Catalog is a "Database" file that contains all the information you put into it. It is like an Index in a public library that tells you where to look for a book. If someone moves the book to a different shelf- will the index know where it is? NO.

                    Likewise in Lightroom- if you move photos using Explorer/Finder then the Catalog will not know where it is! and you have 'stuffed up' the catalog. Repairs to the catalog are possible and generally do not require re-installing or re-importing anything, (unless you have badly 'Stuffed up').

                    Lightroom thinks my photos are missing—how do I fix it? | The Lightroom Queen

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                      norphoto Level 1

                      Probably works for you, but I do not want a software dependant collection structure. I need to have photos orgsanized by a descriptive folder name so I can change DB software in the future, but also so I can browse my photos without useing photoshop. For example via my work computer, my wifes laptop, my NAS file browser all looks for the folder name so I cannot have a lightroom collection which only works on my downstairs computer. When my wife is at work and wants to show her colleague photos from the weekend trip she needs to be able to browse our NAS' photo collection -> "Trips" -> "Family" -> "2016_05_hike to abc". She would not have a chance at all if she were to look for 2016->May -> "Dump of 200 unorganized photos"

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                        norphoto Level 1


                        I have an update on this matter. Sadly I could never fine a good solution for me for this issue so I have moved to ACDSee.

                        It does everything I need in a much easier workflow and it handles changes of folder path, file names, deletion and insertion of new folders and photos outside the software as long as it is not open. If you do use the windows explorer this is the way to go...

                        Raw editing and batch processing works very well also.


                        Do you know if it is possible to sell/give away the lightroom license?