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    Use button to add page(s) to form (Adobe Pro DC)


      I have a form with 12 questions.  The majority of the questions will require lengthy responses. After each question, I would like to have a button that adds a page for that question with a space to complete the response.


      I am very new to this. I have been reading about spawning a template, but I'm not sure this is my best option or if it is actually doable.  I know how to add the button and I believe I know where to add the script. I don't know what that script would be.  I've also read in some scenarios that users using Adobe Reader wouldn't be able to use the template. Is that the case? If so, this is the not the appropriate solution for my issue.


      Ideally, the new page would be added after the current page with an additional form field allowing the user to complete their response.  If possible, the each page would be unique.  For instance, if I add a page from question one, the new page would say something like, "Question 1 response continued..."


      I am suing Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. This is the only tool available to me at this time.


      Any information you could provide or other options would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!