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    Camera & Lens Profiles disappeared in ACR


      Looking for some guidance please. I have been using Photoshop / Lightroom CC with no problems and use Bridge for some image sorting. Tonight I have tried opening a Nikon Raw (NEF) file in ACR through Bridge and the camera & lens profiles have disappeared. I have a Nikon D750 and 14-24 Nikon lens and when you check enable lens profile corrections it says ” unable to locate a matching lens profile automatically”. I have gone back to previous images to make sure it wasn’t my equipment and it wont read these either. I have also noted that the favourites panel in Bridge is now blank and worst of all, my Lightroom catalog has disappeared. Lightroom started up like a new installation with hints and tips etc.


      It is like everything has updated and wiped over what was previously there. I do have backups of the catelogs for Lightroom but cant figure out what has happened or how to get the lens profiling back.


      Any help or suggestions would be fantastic.


      Cheers David