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    Adobe Presenter: Question feedback pop-up messages




      I'm working in Adobe Presenter 10.


      When using a 'multiple choice question', under the advanced answer options, I have the 'Advanced Answer Options' check box checked. If there is text in the 'Answer Feedback:' area, this generates a pop-up message on the question slide.


      My issue is that I cannot seem to get the pop-up message to appear above the text, even when using 'Bring to Front' (which seems to only work temporarily). As soon as I go back into the 'Manage' button on the 'Quiz' pane of the ribbon, it resets the pop-up messages back behind the text (that I'm using for my answer options).


      Is there a way to fix this? Is this a common issue?



      Thank you in advance for any help!

      Kyle K.