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    Never ending Login Loop


      • I have a valid subscription of Adobe CC.

      • I am using Mac computer.

      • No firewall, and very fast internet connection.


      When i try to launch any Adobe CC program The "sign in" Window appears, I press Sign in, and then the "Thank you" window appears, and the program starts only to fall again in the "Sign in" windows and into a never ending loop or "Sign in" = > "Thank You" windows


      I have erased the "OOBE" folder, restart the Mac on safe mode and empty the Trash

      The MBLStore folder doesn't seem to exist in my Mac, or at least it is not in the  >(User Name)>Library>Application Support>Adobe folder.

      Spotlight cannot find it either.


      I have also uninstall and reinstall the complete Adobe CC suite several times and the loop keep happening every time


      This is extremely frustrating, specially when the monthly subscription fees kick in and I have no programs to use.


      Please help