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    InDesign exports multiple authors as one in EPUB


      When I work on books that have multiple primary creators (co-authors, author and illustrator, etc.), I want all of their names to be reflected in the metadata as separate people. In the File Info box (File > File Info...), the Author field states: "Semicolons or commas can be used to separate multiple values." So I can enter their names as "John Doe,Jane Doe" and expect them to be interpreted as two separate people. The EPUB export options dialog (File > Export > EPUB (Reflowable) or EPUB (Fixed Layout) > Metadata) copies the value of the File Info Author field into the Creator field, suggesting it also supports multiple comma- or semicolon-separated values.


      On confirming the Export, though, both names are included in the same dc:creator tag as <dc:creator>John Doe,Jane Doe<dc:creator>. IDPF specification states, "If an EPUB Publication has more than one creator, each should be included in a separate creator element." This causes all reading systems I test on to interpret them as a single name. I haven't found any way to get InDesign to successfully export multiple creators into separate tags.


      But hey, maybe I'm missing something, because I can't find any reference to this issue on the forums or elsewhere on Google, and I can't imagine this hasn't been noticed before. Is there a way around this I'm not seeing?


      I can add screenshots if I'm not being clear enough. Thanks in advance!