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    Lightroom CC Library and Develop Module Views


      I have the current Lightroom CC and Photoshop installed. A few months ago my computer crashed while I was working with Adobe tech support. I had upgraded to Windows 10 and CC would not recognize my subscription. Windows 10 eventually totally crashed. I reverted to Windows 7. I recovered all my photos from Carbonite to my computer. and reinstalled all my programs. I lost all the edits I had made to my photos. I am again back to windows 10 and all seems to be working OK. My creative Cloud is all up to date.


      But now I am back to trying to work with the imported photos recovered from Carbonite. Now when I look at photos in Lightroom in the  library module they look unedited or yellowish, but when I look at them in the development module they look like they have been already edited. But the sliders are all untouched and are at the index points as if the photos are unedited. The library module and development module photos look very different. Hitting revert in both modules makes no difference. I do an undo and then auto correction in development module and when I go back to the library view of same photo it still looks the same as before. Unedited.