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    Lightroom cc 5.1 memory usage


      I just switched from Lightroom 5.7 to Lightroom cc 5.1.  My use case was the new antihaze filter, which I needed for a project I'm currently working on.


      One behavior I noticed immediately is that cc seems to use about 30% more ram than 5.7.  Is this expected?  I have 8 GB installed (the max for this motherboard) and this has been sufficient for 5.7, if I close all other applications.  But after an hour or so using LR cc, I get warnings that I am running out of memory, and task manager shows that the great majority is being consumed by Lightroom.


      Restarting Lightroom will grant me a reprieve, but after an hour or so, I'm out of memory again.


      I photograph horse shows, and typically edit 700 -- 900 photos (geometry, some anti-haze, vibrance, highlights and blacks) often using copy and paste to apply settings to the next photo, and then export to zenfolio via plugin.  LR is snappy and consumes a reasonable amount of memory when I start, but grabs more and more as I go on until it becomes unusable.


      Again, I did not see this behavior with 5.7.  Does cc naturally consume more memory, or is there a memory leak issue with 5.1?

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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm no expert on what may or may not cause memory leaks, but I've been told plugins are always prime suspects. So try to disable/uninstall those first.


          This is certainly not the normal behavior and I don't see anything like that here. True, Lightroom's memory requirements do seem to increase with each version, and those requirements may well exceed 8GB. But that should be handled by disk swapping if you have less RAM installed. Here's a screenshot from an export operation, note the memory graph:


          (the screenshot is about a year old, I'm not at that computer right now to make a new one)

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            D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            ...and this is a new screenshot from the machine I'm sitting at now, an i5 / 16 GB, running Lightroom CC2015.5.1.


            I started a 150-file export and just let it run. This is about twenty minutes in - note memory usage is dead stable:


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              roc97007\ Level 1

              I understand from other forum articles that there is an issue with having large numbers of plugins loaded.  I only have the one plugin, "jf Zenfolio", which is necessary for my work.


              The export itself doesn't seem to increase the memory usage.  It seems to increase when many photos are altered.  The larger the number of changes, the more memory it consumes.


              Currently Lightroom is taking less than 4 Gbytes, but I just started it and haven't started editing photos yet.  What I'm seeing is that after an hour or so of editing photos (maybe 30 or 40) I'll run out of memory.


              Windows 7, with 8 GB installed (the max for this motherboard).