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    Hammer.js in Edge Animate cc 2015

    bertjeuh88 Level 1

      Hello dear friends,


      I have a important question. I have been using the hammer.js javascript in my app for the past couple of months, that I designed with Edge Animate cc 2014. Now the problem is that my program doesn't seem to be able to handle the pressure and I tried working in the cc 2015 version of Edge Animate but the problem here (and why I was working in 2014 in the first place) was that my Hammer.js code that I used in my previous version doesn't seem to work.


      In the code I use for 2014 I refer to the folder: edge_includes which has the javascript in it. But when I use the same code to make it work in 2015, it just doesn't do anything... Does anyone have an idea of how I might be able to fix this? You are my hero if you can! (as usual I am asking this question to complete this app for my masters)


      Thank you so much,


      I have gotten this far with all your help!

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          bertjeuh88 Level 1

          Welp I solved my own problem with a nifty trick. The program seems to constantly crash because it wants to load the videos I have inserted into the app. So I just took out the movies from the media folder before opening the composition and then reentered then when the file was open, that seemed to just fix it!


          I don't know how hammer.js works for 2015, but I can just continue working in 2014! HOORAY!