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    After Effects Black Screen During Playback




      I have spent many hours reading watching videos, trying to fix the issue i'm having with After Effects and Premiere Pro.


      When I import any sort of videos or photos into either one of the programs, when I scrub through the footage in the import box, or when I try and open it in the preview menu all I see is a black screen where the video should be. Although there is no video there is audio still playing that I can hear.


      I have tried a few thing to fix it such as,


      - reinstalling After Effects

      - I've gone into "purge/all memory and disk cache"  (one time this worked for me, but as soon as I closed the program and re-opened it, it came back with the same problem)


      I am currently VERY frustrated that I haven't found a fix/solution/cause to my problem


      I would be grateful for any helpful replies


      Thanks in advance.