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    Export with Develop Presets


      Dear All,


      I am in a bit of a bind and I need some help / suggestions.  Here is the issue I'm trying to solve:


      1.  I have two different develop presets.

      2.  I want to automatically apply one preset and save the results to a folder based on the first present name.

      3.  Once (2 )  is complete, I want to apply the second preset and export that preset to a second folder with the second preset name.


      Here is what I have figured out so far:


      a.  I have figured out how to write an LR script and apply presets in LR using LrTasks.startAsyncTask() and LrApplication.activeCadalog() and applyPreset().  So I can apply the settings that I want automatically.  I can apply the first preset first and then the second preset.


      b.  I have also written a plugin that allows me to export the output to whatever folder I want and I can potentially automate the folder name based on the preset name.


      Here is where I'm stuck:


      A)  Can I possibly call an "Export with Preset" from an LR script?  How?  If I could figure this out, then I could modify the script that applies the develop presets such that it automatically exports the files to the desired directory after the filters are applied.  I would also need to figure out how I can pass variables to the "Export with Preset," function so that I could pass the preset name.


      B)  If calling an Export with Preset from an LR script/plugin is not the best approach, a second approach would be to write a post-process action that would apply the presets, as part of the export process.  However, here I am stuck on two points:


      i)  First, how do I apply a develop preset from the Post-Process action?  All the examples that I saw, related to Post-Processing actions, use the command line.  You create a command line execution and then you apply some filters to the image.  Does LR support a command line option for applying presets to images?  If it does, then I'd be saved.  But I'm not sure that it does.  The SDK mentions:


      "The processing is typically performed by an external application. You can build a command string and pass

      it to a platform-specific shell for execution, using  LrTasks.execute() ."


      ii) Second, even if I figure out the first point (i ), How do I make the export function go through the export files multiple times?  Remember, I want to apply multiple presets and save them to multiple directories automatically.  One way could be to just save each processed image multiple times as part of the post-process action.  That way you don't need to go through the list of files multiple times.  But thoughts on this idea would be appreciated.


      I look forward to your feedback and most of all, I would like to know if it's even possible to do what I'm trying to do: apply multiple presets to a catalog and export it multiple times to multiple directories that correspond to each individual preset.