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    Load Movie?

      I am trying to load a movie inside another movie that has an external url. However, some of the fonts and video does not show up in the loaded movie correctly.

      Any suggestions?

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          2m Level 2
          I'm sure, that a lot of people here know how to do i, me included ;-)

          Use fscommand("fullscreen" , true);

          and make sure, that the parameters for Stage.scalemode are set to your liking.

          Obviously that is no answer to your question, but i seems to me that you edited out your original question and replaced it with a totally different one (making me look a bit stupid ;-) ), did you?
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            shatai Level 1

            I had a couple of questions and I noticed that I posted the same questions a few times. I just edited to keep the forum from being spammed with the same question.

            Ok, so do I place this code in the first part of the movie on the first frame of the timeline?

            thanks for your help and no, I wasn't trying to make anyone look silly ! : )
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              2m Level 2
              So this thread might konfuse archaeologisty in a thousand years quite a bit, but I'll try to answer the question that is based on the one that isn't there anymore.

              The simple answer would be: "yes"

              (..put it on the first frame of the movie)
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                shatai Level 1
                ok, I have placed the code in the frame and it works!

                There is only one slight detail. Some of the movie elements do not look correct when they are scaled. The effect I was trying to achieve is for there to be a border of some sort around my flash movie when it is launched as opposed to just the movie in a window that shows the rest of my desktop.

                For example, the full screen feature in director keeps the movie the same size but launches a full screen "canvas" around the movie to "block" out the rest of the desktop.

                I hope this makes sense?
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                  2m Level 2
                  add fscommand("allowscale", false);

                  for a start, and take alook at the Stage class in the doc for more possibilities.