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    eventdispatcher problem

    JayCeeBE Level 1
      I have my main movie. declared a class with a function getKlanten (Klanten = Clients in dutch). This function communicates with a php document wich returns a xml document to the class, the class interprets the information and inserts the info about each client into a clsKlant class. every client is put in the array. This array is added to the eventObj. Wich should then be returend using the dispatchEvent(Eventobj).
      Which i then should be able to acces in my listerner obj. The problem is that the placement of the dispatchEvent function i think, because when do it directly after the comm.sendAndLoad it does activate the listerner, but then my array is still empty(->which was the main reason for using dispatchEvent).

      I don't understand why my listerner doesn't get activated when i put it after my for loop(wich i use to run trough my xml document).

      Hope somebody can help me out because i'm working on a project for an internship which has to be finised at the end of this week