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    Acrobat Pro DC crashing - adding headers


      tl;dr - Acrobat Pro DC is inconsistently crashing while I'm adding page headers and footers. Here -  Dropbox - acrobat-crash-report.txt - is the crash log.


      I'm working with a large (~120) number of PDFs, from disparate sources, and adding page headers and footers to them. This is done in four separate operations, as the even and odd page headers differ in position and content, and the even and odd page footers differ in position.


      I add the page headers first, then the page footers.


      Acrobat Pro DC (details below) running on a MacBook Pro (10.11.4) crashes on about 30% of the files when I try to add the second page header.


      Architecture: x86_64

      Build: 15.16.20039.185268

      AGM: 4.30.63

      CoolType: 5.14.5



      The crash log can be found here: Dropbox - acrobat-crash-report.txt


      Once I restart Acrobat and successfully apply the second page header (which happens in one try MOST of the time, but sometimes it crashes again and I need to try again), the footers apply without issue.


      Hopefully this will help to diagnose the issue, and produce a fix. This is really annoying. I've learned to save my work after applying the first page header, so that if it crashes while applying the second, I haven't lost what I've already done.


      (And no, I've not found an easier way to do what I need to do. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place. If something out there says, "Jeez, he's doing that the hard way..." reach out and let me know the easier way to do this.)


      Thank you.