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    Lightroom Problems


      I have two problems with Lightroom:


      1,  The program creates multiple virtual copies of files unbidden.  I will open a file and find one two or three virtual copies of some pictures.


      I have no idea why this happens.



      2.  I use a portable drive with a laptop and with a desktop.  Both computers have Lightroom CC,


      In some cases (not always) a file created in Photoshop and saved in Lightroom comes up a grey file (no picture just a grey frame.) when the file is created on the desk top and the drive is used on the laptop,


      How do I solve these problems ??


      Thanks in advance for any help you may provide.


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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          I will have a try at answers-


          1. VCs can be produced by the keyboard shortcut CTRL+'   (the key with ditto " on it) Pressing by accident? If you have selected multiple photos in the library you will create a VC for every selected photo with one press of [CTRL+' ]

          Also if you create a collection, there is an option to create VCs for all the images selected for the collection-

          This Collection will contain only the VCs (not the Masters) but they do appear beside the master back in library grid view..


          2. The image file created on the 'Desktop' will not be on the portable drive, so it may appear in the Catalog when the portable drive is connected to the 'Desktop', but when portable drive is connected to the Laptop, the image is not available (missing) and hence the missing thumbnail. If you open the file from Lightroom using  'Edit In'   [ CTRL+E ] then a 'Save' from Photoshop should place the new photo back in the same folder (portable drive) as the original file. (Do not use 'Save As' )

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            ronaldw57563321 Level 1

            Thank you for your response.




            1.       So far as I know, I am not using the ‘control +’ key in any step.  I find the multiple VCs when I open a file that has not been opened lately.  I have not made collections, at least no intentionally.  I don’t know what step or steps create the VCs.    The VCs show up in files that have not been opened for a while.  I sometimes wonder if it has anything to do with backing up the catalog but finding the files happens when I happen to be going through older files.




            2.       I am not sure I understand.  Both the laptop and the desk top use the “P” drive to maintain the Lightroom files.  The “P” drive is the only one on which I save my Lightroom files. When I work on a particular file in Photoshop, I save it back to the “P” (use “Save” not “Save As”) drive and the image is in the file after it closes from Photoshop.  I do not know that this “grey file” happens every time, in fact I would guess that it does not.  Is it possible that the thumbnail is not in the file with the image ??  I never use “save as” from Photoshop just because it does not save the image to the original file.  Since it appears in the original “P” drive file on the desktop, I cannot understand why it disappears on the laptop.  I will have to make some more tests to see if that happens each time.  I will work on other files to see if it recurs.   I have had the problem previously without being aware what may have been the cause.  Images created on the laptop show on the desktop in the “P” drive.   Recently, I used the “P” drive with the desk top and the image that had been grey on the laptop was there.


            Isn’t there some command that causes the “side car” file (not sure of right term) to be incorporated into the raw file instead of in a separate file ??



            I believe that I may have selected a setting on the laptop that causes the “side car” file to be incorporated into the raw file.  I will have to see about that on the desktop.


            Any further suggestions you may have will be very much appreciated.

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              WobertC Adobe Community Professional
              I find the multiple VCs when I open a file that has not been opened lately

              I am not sure I understand what you mean by "not been opened lately". Virtual Copies can exist in the Library Grid mode and be visible beside the Master image always! (unless stacked!!)  Created by [CTRL+SINGLE QUOTE] Going to the Develop module with an image does not change anything, you can create Virtual copies in both Grid View and Develop module.

              You are referring to thumbnails with the turned up corner, I presume?


              (Importing images more than once {with "Allow duplicates" turned on}, and editing in any external editor will create copies of the master image and show separately in the catalog library.)

              Exporting images with "Add to catalog" will also add the exported images to the catalog, which may show together if "All photographs" is selected, and exported images are 'File-name' sorted (without re-naming).


              You can show only VCs with a search option, and 'Remove' them from the catalog if not wanted-



              Grey thumbnails-

              Possible a monitor profile problem- How do I change my monitor profile to check whether it’s corrupted? - The Lightroom Queen

              Or problems with the Previews folder which can be re-named (or deleted) and LR will re-build the previews.


              More experienced users may chime in with better answers for you--

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                ronaldw57563321 Level 1

                1.       My raw files are in one catalog, divided by year, month and day and a general description:


                Example;  2016 mar 05 trees


                It is  any file folder described but probably older folders like 2010 or 2011 etc.


                Yes the images  are copies with the turned up corner.   There are frequently two or three VC copies of one and then two or three of another then one or two of another image throughout the folder.


                The “Search “ option is a good suggestion.  I use VC’s when I am working on a file, but these are usually readily identifiable.


                Thank you very much for your help.  I will look at the items you suggested.  I am at the office now and will have to do it tonight.




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                  WobertC Adobe Community Professional
                  Isn’t there some command that causes the “side car” file (not sure of right term) to be incorporated into the raw file instead of in a separate file ??

                  [CTRL+S] will save some metadata in an .XML sidecar file if the original image is a proprietary file-type (CR2 NEF ARW, etc)

                  If the File-type is DNG (raw) or JPG, TIFF, then the metadata is saved embedded within the original file.

                  If your Catalog, Previews, and Master Image files are all together on a Portable external hard-drive, then saving metadata to files is not necessary. (But you must keep catalog backups.!)


                  frequently two or three VC copies

                  If you have not pressed CTRL+SINGLE QUOTE  [ CTRL+' ] to create these VCs then I can only think they were created by the option when you have used Collections.