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    Error 17 when using "Publish Online" in InDesign CC




      I have a large (62 page) animated document which I want to publish online. It has a 6 minute video embedded in it as well, (the video is mp4). But When I try to publish it I get the Error 17 and it doesn't work. (see below)

      Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 15.26.21.png


      If I take the video out, it works, and I have replaced the video with a 30 second mp4 and it worked. Im guessing its my video but the format is correct as I did the same to the 30second video as I did to the 6 minute one.


      I tried Adobe chat support and didn't get anywhere (I was suggested to uninstall and re-install InDesign...)


      Any help would be great.