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    Need help trying to match two title clips


      Hi. This might not be a question one can solve in a forum. I created one title clip that looks perfect. I wrote down all the steps I took (adjust, applied effects, levels, etc.) so I could duplicate the clip "look" again with a new title. Try as I may (and it's been extremely frustrating), for whatever reason I cannot duplicate the title look in a second clip. I've compared the adjust/applied effect levels to make sure they're the same, but the second clip looks different - the outer edges of the font are not as bright, the "fill" is gray instead of black and so forth. The only glitch I can find is that both clips have the same font and effects (?) - bevel edge, solid, etc. - but when I click on clip one and then back to clip two, the font usually changes to its default (from Myriad Pro to Adobe Casion Pro, but then switches back to Myriad if I click on the first clip again and then back).  The only other clue is that font/style doesn't not indicate the style chosen (your selection is not highlighted, you just have to remember - unless I'm doing it wrong). Anyway, if it's possible for someone to point me in the right direction would greatly appreciate it. I've been trying to figure this out for hours and ready to drop kick the project into the waste can. Thanks.